Ashamed of being Portuguese? Edmar from “Big Brother” is devastated on the networks and reacts

Edmar Teixeira became known to the Portuguese after having participated in TVI’s “Big Brother”. The former competitor made headlines again recently after his father, Amílcar Teixeira, was arrested as part of an operation that dismantled a drug trafficking network in the north of the country.

This Monday, June 13, a Tweet published on Edmar’s account gave a lot to talk about: “I was always ashamed to have Portuguese parents, I was always ashamed to be ‘Portuguese’. I fucking hate this… I’m not Portuguese!”, could be read.

Former “Big Brother” contestant was devastated: ““Naturalize in another country and disappear from Portugal. We’re not proud of people like you either.” or “But you had to come to Portugal to get the fame you’re looking for… and it’s not even for good reasons.”, are just a few examples.

Edmar Teixeira has already reacted to the controversy and denied the authorship of the publication, revealing that his account had been ‘hacked’: “About the tweet that’s been circulating around, I didn’t write it, nor did I delete my twitter account. My account was used by someone to say all those nonsense things that I don’t feel at all!” starts by writing.

“I’m trying to recover my account, and I apologize for the attack made. I’m Portuguese, I live in London but I would love to move to Portugal, and I currently live with 5 Portuguese friends that I met there, and I feel ashamed of my mother, the Portuguese or Portugal! Once again, I am very sorry about the whole situation.” concluded.

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