Ash actor promises: horror carnage “Evil Dead Rise” is significantly different than its predecessors

The upcoming horror film Evil Dead Rise won’t be “that bad” according to producer Bruce Campbell. Understatement par excellence – at least we hope so.

Filmmakers usually speak highly of their projects. One superlative follows the next, the film will turn the genre upside down, the audience has never seen anything like it and it should kindly rain Oscars. More often than one would like, the disillusionment afterwards is all the greater. So where was this special understanding of the genre? Where are the show values? How was that again with the award-winning acting performances and did we see a completely different film than advertised?

It’s all the more refreshing when a film producer like Bruce Campbell, actor and the one and only Ashley Joanna “Ash” Williams, iconic character from the “Evil Dead” series, keeps his feet firmly on the ground when it comes to praise. That’s what he said opposite collidersthat he was excited about Lee Cronin’s work directing Evil Dead Rise. And why?

“That’s because it’s actually not that bad. [Regisseur] Lee Cronin did a great job. Sam [Raimi] selects directors who already have some experience, but we can still pigeonhole them a little bit in the ‘Evil Dead’ category because they’re daring directors.”

As Campbell puts it in sober terms, Sam Raimi is always looking for filmmakers who, while not exactly green behind their ears when it comes to filmmaking, still have the drive to create and the curiosity to make friends Making an amateur/independent film in the forest. Just like Raimi and Campbell in 1978 with “Within the Woods”, the quasi-dress rehearsal for “Tanz der Teufel”. The fewer the means and opportunities, the greater the creativity, at least in most cases. This type of filmmaker, Campbell says, comes with “strong personality and approach.” And so Cronin’s film is “a very European ‘Evil Dead’.”

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The only question that remains is what Campbell means by “European”. European in the sense of cult European horror film maestros like Lucio Fulci (“A Zombie Hanging from the Bell Rope”), Mario Bava (“Satan’s Bloodlust”) or Dario Argento (“Suspiria – In the Claws of Evil”)? Or rather in the sense of a slow increase in psychological terror as in Lars von Trier’s “Hospital of the Ghosts”? In terms of plot, “Evil Dead Rise” is more like the Italian horror film “Demons”, in which all the residents of a residential complex are gradually possessed by demons. We are obsessed too: by horror films. And these here in the video will really haunt you this year.

This is what Evil Dead Rise is about

Lee Cronin is actually quite new in the business, having only one film to his credit aside from shorts, TV episodes and a segment in a horror anthology. For that “The Hole in the Ground” is really recommendable. However, the film leans more towards the horror genre, so it should be extremely interesting to see how the 49-year-old pulls off a true horror splatter film. According to Campbell, he’s “not that bad” at it.

In contrast to the previous films in the series, “Evil Dead Rise” is the first time in the juggernaut of Los Angeles. Beth is here visiting her sister Ellie and their three children. But then the apartment complex turns into a suburb of hell, because the book of the dead, the Necronomicon, is located within the walls of the building and conjures up evil. In the US, “Evil Dead Rise” is still 2022 released via HBO Max. It is not yet clear when and where it will be made available in this country.

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