AS Voorspelt: ‘Expect that the Netherlands will reach the semi-finals of this World Cup’

On Sunday afternoon, Qatar and Ecuador kick it off World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Until the final on Sunday 18 December, 32 countries will compete for the world title. There are eleven Ajax players called up for the World Cupseven of which for the Dutch national team. With eight editors of Ajax Showtime we look ahead to the World Cup. This time Bart Veenstra, Bauke van Elk, Brent Tomassen, Cristian de Jong, Justin Fokkens, Terrence Riepma, Thijs Zwagerman and Wessel Kroon make a prediction!

How far will the Orange come during the World Cup in Qatar?

Bart: ‘I see the Orange reaching the quarterfinals at this tournament. With this player material, the Orange should be able to close the group as number 1. Then you will meet the number two in group B in the eighth final and I assume that will be the US or Wales. That must also be survivable. You could then play against Argentina in the quarterfinals and I think the Argentines will then eliminate the Orange squad.’

Bauke: ‘Oranje comes first in the group and then beats the number two in group B. Then the Netherlands will surprise the world by beating Argentina in the quarterfinals and then strand against the mighty Brazil in the semifinals.’

Brent: ‘Orange must reach at least the quarterfinals with this player material and this national coach. In the eighth final I expect Wales or the US as number two of group B as opponent. Although I think that the Netherlands should also beat England at the moment, who have not made a good impression in the Nations League. Then Argentina would be the logical opponent in the quarterfinals. That will be a duel in which it is all about details. If the Orange can win this, I see them reaching the final.’

Christian: ‘The Netherlands will reach at least the quarterfinals, then they may meet Argentina. There the ship may be stranded. If the Orange advances, that’s a bonus.’

Justin: “If we can expect one thing from Louis van Gaal, it is that he sends eleven players into the field who will really act as a team. I also expect that being a real team will make the difference, and will take Orange far. I don’t expect any problems in the group stage.

Argentina is a possible opponent in the quarterfinals, but even then I will give the Orange a good chance. Bergwijn and Memphis have always proven to deliver in the Dutch national team and most of our top players are in the back. Guys like Virgil van Dijk and Nathan Aké are active every day at the highest level, and I am confident that they can also control many top attackers.

I think that the Orange will fail in the semi-finals, not for the first time. Another great performance from Van Gaal if you ask me.’

Terrence: At least the quarterfinals. The Dutch national team under Louis van Gaal is a machine that can go far and I don’t want to rule out the semi-final just yet. With an eye on the Ajax players in Orange, I believe that Van Gaal can get the best out of them. It is no coincidence that Blind comes into its own and I see Timber and Bergwijn regain their usual form. Van Gaal knows how to put the figures in the right place and that will pay off.’

Thijs: ‘I have a very good feeling about this Dutch national team. Louis van Gaal is doing very well and seems to be able to put every player in his best position. I therefore expect that the Netherlands will go far this World Cup and reach the semi-finals.’

Wessel: ‘I think the Netherlands will reach the quarterfinals. If you look at the schedule, they beat the number 2 in group B. But I think Argentina, which you will probably meet next, is a size too big for the Netherlands.’

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Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Bart: “Based on the selections I’ve seen so far, I’m going for Brazil as the favourite. They have a lot of top players in every line and especially offensively they have a lot of choice with players who are also all in good shape. Incidentally, I see Argentina as the biggest contender next to Brazil.’

Bauke: Brazil will live up to its role of favorite and win the World Cup in Qatar. An ideal mix of talent and experience, with a lot of football.’

Brent: ‘Brazil is the absolute top favourite, but old. I expect a lot from the young talents of Germany and the team spirit of Argentina and the Orange. But if I have to say it now: Brazil.’

Christian: ‘Brazil, what a sick selection they have.’

Justin: ‘The question is always whether it will come out completely, but Brazil really has the most quality in my opinion. They are good in every line, and have many players of absolute world class. In addition, they will also be eager to become world champions again, after the disappointing previous editions. I’m putting my money on Brazil.’

Terrence: ‘Brazil is my favorite for the overall victory. They can put a top player in every position and the team does not have to go backwards with substitutions. However, Argentina with a Lionel Messi in great shape can put a stop to Brazil’s title win. It’s not too far apart between those two countries, so I’m not surprised if the Argentinians win.’

Thijs: ‘I see Brazil and Argentina as the biggest contenders and I lean most towards Brazil. They have a fantastic offensive selection and a lot of quality. Moreover, their selection is a nice mix of experience and talent, so I expect Brazil to win the World Cup.’

Wessel: “There are actually two main candidates for me who can win the World Cup. Those are France and Brazil and I think France is the slight favorite there. I also think that that will be the final and I think that France will be slightly stronger than Brazil.’

What does your ideal Orange line-up look like?

Bart: Bijlow; De Ligt, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, F. de Jong, Koopmeiners, Berghuis, Blind; Bergwijn, Memphis.

Bauke: Bijlow; Timber, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, Berghuis, Gakpo, F. de Jong, Blind; Bergwijn, Memphis.

Special attention goes to Daley Blind. In Qatar, Blind will show what he is worth as a footballer. His qualities come out perfectly in this system.’

Brent: Noppert; Timber, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, F. de Jong, Klaassen, Berghuis, Blind; Bergwine, Memphis.

‘I trust the successful matches that the Orange has played under Van Gaal and which players were on the field there. The keepers are close to each other, but I still go for a surprise in the goal.’

Christian: Bijlow; Dumfries, De Ligt, Van Dijk, Ake, Malacia; F. de Jong, Koopmeiners, Berghuis; Memphis (when fit, otherwise Janssen or Gakpo), Bergwijn. (5-3-2)

Justin: Bijlow; Timber, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, Berghuis, Gakpo, F. de Jong, Blind; Bergwijn, Memphis.

Terrence: Bijlow; Timber (or De Ligt), Van Dijk, Aké; Dumfries, Berghuis, F. de Jong, Klaassen (or Gakpo), Blind; Bergwijn, Memphis.

Thijs: Bijlow; Dumfries, Timber, De Ligt, Van Dijk, Blind; Frenkie de Jong, Berghuis, Gakpo; Bergwijn, Memphis.

‘Regarding my line-up, however, I expect that the Netherlands will play with Pasveer and Aké instead of Bijlow and De Ligt. I also hope that Van Gaal also dares to play with this midfield against major countries, because I am a big fan of the De Jong/Berghuis duo. They bring a lot of creativity to the ball, but they are also better defensively than many people might think.’

Wessel: Bijlow; Timber, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, Berghuis, Gakpo, F. de Jong, Blind; Bergwijn, Depay.

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