"As long as you put on condoms, I’m fine!" : Nagui surprised by a revelation from maestro Kaël in "Do not forget the lyrics"

For several days, a new maestro has arrived in “Don’t forget the words” on France 2. Every evening, Nagui indeed finds Kael who until yesterday, Thursday June 16, managed to accumulate the superb sum of 105,000 euros with twelve victories on the clock. This young dad lives by the song. “It’s a choice I’ve never regretted“, he clarified Thursday, June 9, at the start of the program in which he already participated ten years ago. “I had been super bad, really bad. I still managed to win 2,500 euros. It was a special couple. I was with the mother of my daughter Lola, the little pride“, he said. It is clear that the singer has really progressed to reach this level today. And Kael has also continued his momentum when facing a new challenger. Despite a final error which cost him the 20,000 euros at stake, the maestro recorded a thirteenth victory.

A nice course which has also pushed Nagui to be more interested in the private life of this big guy with an immaculate smile. He wanted to know if the latter gleaned more success with women, from his position as a singer in a music group. Kaël explained to him that it was not thanks to the “myth of the singer” that he had seduced his companion. He also told him that he was no stranger to the fact that he is in a relationship today. “Don’t forget the lyrics, it becomes a bit of a dating site. It works better than some sites“, he explained. “As long as you put on condoms, I’m fine! Because it must not become Don’t forget the pox“, then reacted with humor the companion of Mélanie Page. “There are many review groups. With lots of people. And inevitably, we meet people who are in the same delirium as us, who work and everything. And so we help each other. Manon, basically, I just wanted to help her and she wanted to help me too“, specified the champion.


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