Article | Reality or illusion? The explained ending of ‘1899’, new Netflix hit [SPOILERS]

Caution: many spoilers ahead.

THE Netflix recently launched the insane series ‘1899’🇧🇷 Created by the same minds behind the acclaimed production ‘Dark’the narrative follows a group of passengers and crew aboard the Kerberos, a transatlantic whose destination is New York – but which passes through several obstacles along the way. The main one is the encounter with another ship called Prometheuswhich disappeared into the ocean and was found completely adrift, with no sign of life and without any explanation of what actually happened.

The main character of this complex plot is Maura (Emily Beecham🇧🇷 In addition to being the first neurologist in her native England, she is looking for her brother, who had boarded the Prometheus four months ago and who also disappeared without a trace. As we see shortly before the end, Maura is the key piece of a kind of simulation from which none of the protagonists or supporting actors can escape – a virtual reality that trapped them at the end of the 19th century and that impregnated each one with false memories, incapable of distinguish between fiction and reality.

Considering the history of baran bo odar and Jantje Friese, responsible for bringing the plot to life, nothing would be so easy to assimilate. Several symbols permeate the structural core of the series – from the triangular symbols of an inexplicable pyramid, parallel realities and anachronistic elements that call into question both what the characters live and what we watch. In other words, this is not a period drama mixed with suspense, but a thriller psychological with an air of dystopia that has much to be explored in possible future seasons.

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Along the way, Maura meets a young boy who we learn is named Elliot (Flynn Edwards), the sole survivor of the Prometheus who is rescued by the joint force of her and the traumatized Captain Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann), and the mysterious Daniel (Aneurin Barnard), which enters the Kerberos without anyone noticing. Both become the target of a religious riot that associates all the tragedies involving passengers with the two, wishing to exterminate them for the sake of survival. However, Elliot and Daniel are the only ones to know that they are confined in a simulation and, more than that, they are Maura’s son and husband, respectively – even if she doesn’t remember anything.

In a dangerous course of action, Elliot and Daniel’s goal is to wake up Maura and prevent the simulation from restarting. She is the only one who has the key to get out of this “prison without bars”, but all attempts to ensure that the passengers arrive safely in New York have failed due to a noble and controversial feeling of heroism, which has kept them away from the main mission and the eliminated one by one. Maura even believes that her father, Henry (Anton Lesser), is behind all that, considering the unstoppable and deadly passion for experimentation of the human mind.

After much trying – and very few people survive the evil forces that take over the ship – Maura awakens from a deep sleep, only to discover that, in fact, her father was also trapped in the simulation. The author of the ruse is the brother, Ciaran, who does not appear in the episodes, but appears through a cryptic message that welcomes Maura back to reality: a spaceship that imprisons them through an induced sleep, floating in space in 2099 (two hundred years after the time the narrative takes place).

It is clear that the season finale would be built on amazing and harrowing hooks, mainly because we don’t know when we will have the continuation of the story. Incidentally, it is impossible even to know if Ciaran is a person or an artificial intelligence that became self-aware, revolted against its creators and trapped them in an eternal looping of confusion and despair. This would not be the first time that a work mainstream would take advantage of such a motto – and, in the end, anything can happen.

Is that you? What do you think will happen?

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