Article | Is Kirby alive? Dewey is a prime killer? The Craziest Fan Theories of the ‘Scream’ Franchise

Every reader of CinePOP you know that in addition to superhero movies and blockbusters, we love horror movies. Especially the slasher franchise Panic (1996-2011), created by Wes Craven e Kevin Williamson. Although not the creator of the genre, the film helped to revolutionize it for the new times and its influence was so strong that it is repeated until today. That is, every time you watch a teen horror movie with many references, metalanguage and humor, remember to thank the aforementioned film.

With the new film hitting theaters this Thursday (19), this is a very special time for all fans to start celebrating the beloved horror movie series and start heating up the engines with the previous chapters.

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The original, for example, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 – another reason to celebrate. the underrated panic 4, also a birthday, completing 11 years of its debut this year. In other words, there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate horror movies (and maybe even the series – which had three seasons).

To get in the mood, we decided to embark on the wave of fans and their craziest theories. Alongside our colleagues from Screen Rant, we’ve curated the craziest fan theories about the four movies and the series. Check them out below and comment saying which ones make sense and which ones are the purest fanciful delirium. Ah yes, remembering that the text is full of spoilers from the four films.

Dewey is a Killer

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Well, we can already say in advance that for us this theory is just a fanciful delusion. The fact is, there is the online fan theory that claims that Dewey was actually a murderer this whole time, pretending to be an incapable bumbler. something like the plot twist do thriller cult The suspects (1995), from Bryan Singer. Although here it sounds more like something out of parody Everybody in panic (2000), which really brought the “Dewey clone” of that universe as the main culprit for everything. We prefer Dewey just the way he is: an amiable bumbler. Other than that, the character has come close to death numerous times throughout all of the franchise’s films.

The Series is a Fiction

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This third theory doesn’t talk about any of the movies released in the cinema, but rather theorizes about the TV series. Panic. Launched in 2015, the MTV show ran for three seasons until 2019, with the first two being basically a reissue of what we had seen on the big screen so far. I mean, the main characters of the first two seasons were younger versions of what we’d seen in the movies, like the young lady, the horror movie expert, and the suspicious boyfriend. We even had a famous first victim. These elements led fans to theorize that the TV series was nothing more than fiction, existing within the fictional universe of Scream. It’s as if the “Stab” movies were the “films within the movie” and the Scream TV series were “the series within the movie.” Do you buy this idea?

Kirby is still alive

One of the coolest characters added to the Scream mythology was Kirby from the fourth film, played by Hayden Panettiere. The blonde quickly became a huge fan favorite, with many signing a petition for the studio to bring her back in the fifth film. There’s only one problem: Kirby was murdered in the third act of panic 4. Well, or will it?

Although the presence of the actress has not been confirmed in the cast of the fifth, fans have a theory that she did not really die, fed by the director himself, the late Wes Craven, and by the interpreter of the character. In behind-the-scenes commentary for the fourth film, the director said that he purposely set Kirby moving after being stabbed to raise the question of whether she was alive. The fact is that whenever a character is alive in the franchise, even though he was seriously injured and presumed dead in a previous scene, there is confirmation that he survived the end of the film – which Kirby does not.

Kevin Williamson is one of the names responsible for the existence and success of Panic at the movies. However, the screenwriter stayed out of the third feature in the franchise. But the writer did not fail to write a treatment of what he wanted the story to be. The problem? His writing touched the wound too much, and with the attacks on American colleges like Columbine, the story was simply too delicate. So everything was rewritten with a plot set in Hollywood. But Williamson’s idea didn’t go unnoticed and many fans theorize that the author repurposed his narrative for the series. The Following, with Kevin Bacon, which he also created. The plot talks about a murderer who awakens a legion of imitators – just like what we would see in panic 3, from Kevin Williamson.

Roman is the third Panic Killer

Still on the question of panic 3, the film, shall we say, less liked by fans, there is a theory that concerns the killer of that film, film director Roman. In the end, he reveals himself to be the killer, but not only that, but also Sidney’s brother and the orchestrator behind everything from the original film. According to the outcome of the third, he was responsible for stoking Billy and Stu’s murderous instinct, by revealing the boy’s father’s betrayal with Sidney’s mother (and himself). So far so good, everything is said in the movie. However, fans go further, believing that Roman was already included in the original’s plot, appearing in some scenes dressed as Ghostface to choose Billy and Stu’s next victims. This one we found a little too much, after all, when Panic was released in theaters no one, not even the creators, knew it would spawn movie two, let alone three…

Scream 5 Rumors

Given that panic 5 has kept its plot under lock and key (and should remain so), fans are in an uproar theorizing about everything and then some. One of the theories is that possibly one of the three protagonists – Sidney, Dewey and Gale – will not survive this time, or maybe all three will be eliminated, making room for a new protagonist of the series. Well, that’s not much of a novelty and has been theorized since the first sequel, with the trio always coming close to kicking off. However, it would be a good way to pass the baton, after all, the trio is almost in their fifties and they’re still running from masked brats. Another theory about a narrative possibility of the fifth concerns Jill, Sidney’s psychopathic cousin. Some fans believe that she may have survived and that the plot would include her.

Stuart, or Stu, is one of the assassins from the original film. The crazy guy has also become one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. A curiosity is that the original script of Kevin Williamson for panic 3 would actually reveal that Stu did not die from his injuries in the first Panic and would come back on the third. The idea was discarded. However, fans still hold out hope that the character may appear at some point. And the theory here involves the second movie. The character’s interpreter, Matthew Lillard actually appears as an extra in panic 2, but with long blonde hair (probably a wig). what happens is that Lillard went to visit his friends’ set and ended up recording a moment in which only fanatics can point to him at the bottom of the screen. This was enough for theories to emerge claiming that it was not just Lillard as an extra, but it was also Stu on the lookout for a comeback.

The Supernatural Clothes

This is one of the most insane theories and also one of the most curious. It’s nothing new to have filmmakers adhering to fan theories and actually including them in their narratives. But I believe that if they ever want to incorporate this one, it would destroy the whole purpose and fun of the franchise. Here, fans swear toe-to-toe that the Ghostface costume gives the killer who uses it superpowers. Yes, that’s what you read. There is a theory online that the villain’s uniform would give super strength and stamina to the psychopath who wears it, thus explaining how some of the scrawny assassins outmaneuver their victims and also how they survive such damage inflicted throughout the projection. We just don’t know how this would work, as each assassin wears a different costume and not the same one every time.

The Definitive Metalanguage

The franchise films Panic have always been known for their high level of metalanguage. It’s as if the characters not only know everything about horror movies, but they even know they’re inside a horror movie. Well, some fans went even further on this “trip” and started theorizing the following: what if the franchise movies Panic were actually movies themselves, adaptations of author Gale Weathers’ books about what actually happened in real life.

In other words, we would have with “The Stab”, the film within the film within the film. Has your mind blown? According to fans, this would explain the great physical exaggeration that some of the films have, without much connection to physics or reality. And also the fact that Gale is always portrayed in a heroic way. According to fans, this is because everything we see is based on what she wrote. I believe that if that were the case, many would not be very happy to see four films, without ever having seen the “true story”.

Bonus: The Second Panic Killer 3

Here I decided to join in the fun and participate myself with my own theory about the franchise Panic. I’m not much one to embark on theories, because I believe that everything we see on screen was what the director wanted to show us and I’m not adept at “continuing the film off screen”. That is, as much fun as they are, I don’t really believe in any of these theories presented above. What I believe in is what I will reveal here. panic 3 It is the most irregular of the franchise. That’s because it had a script shredded by the studio. The original idea was to have two assassins, just like every other film in the franchise. However, in the end we have revealed only one: Roman.

If you search online, you will see that there are several reports of people involved in the production stating that the second murderer would be Angelina, the actress played by Emily Mortimer – who was Roman’s secret girlfriend. In several parts of the film, Angelina appears suspiciously to the characters in the film and to the audience: whether by surviving an explosion and disappearing, or in a bathroom caught in the act while wearing the Ghostface costume and even in “his death” off-screen. , strategically armed from afar. Clearly also during some attacks in the film we noticed that it would take two people to fit the killer’s time. So actually the second killer of panic 3 it’s more than a theory, it’s actually a patched-up edit that leaves loose ends due to a modified script.

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