Arthur F., the alleged perpetrator of Esteban’s murder in Namur, remains in prison: the accused evoked a black hole (videos)

This Tuesday morning, Arthur F. had to face justice. Charged in the case of the murder of Esteban Soltau Diaz, he appeared before the Namur council chamber which confirmed his arrest warrant. The 18-year-old will therefore remain in protective custody as the investigation continues to learn more about the circumstances of Esteban’s death. As a reminder, this 18-year-old man from Namur was stabbed to the heart on Thursday evening, rue de l’Inquiétude, in Namur. It all probably started with a fight against a backdrop of romantic rivalry between the two young people.

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“Esteban had never fought”… – DR

“For the moment, my client does not wish to say more or express himself,” explained the suspect’s lawyer, Marie Forain, at the end of the hearing. The public prosecutor, however, gave some details concerning the first statements of Arthur F. According to Vincent Macq, he does not dispute either his presence at the scene of the tragedy, or the materiality of the facts.

But until Monday, Arthur F. took refuge behind a “black hole”, he did not remember what happened that evening, explained the prosecutor to our colleagues from RTL. “Not knowing what happened, he disputes the intention to kill,” he said.

The murder took place in front of the Galerie Wérenne.
The murder took place in front of the Galerie Wérenne. – IM

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The prosecutor also specified that the kitchen knife used has a very long blade. “It is a long enough blade, which as soon as you push it in the heart, will lead to the death of the person”, he confided to our colleagues.


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