Arthur, curse: a terrifying trailer for the horrifying Minimoys spin-off

The “Arthur and the Minimoys” saga inspired a horrific spin-off with “Arthur, curse”, produced by Luc Besson. Check out the movie trailer now.

Arthur, curse: from family film to horror

Coming from nowhere, we discovered at the beginning of May a first teaser for Arthur, curse. An unexpected but rather original film in its concept since it is a horror spin-off of the saga Arthur and the Invisibles. You read correctly. The gentle story of Arthur, a young boy who discovers the fantastic world of Minimoys, tiny creatures in his grandmother’s garden, inspired a horror film.

Here, everything starts with Alex, who in his youth was a fan of these feature films and even imagined himself becoming a Minimoys one day. Years later, his friends found the house where the films were shot by Luc Besson. Only what was supposed to be a nice trip with friends will change in real nightmare.

Arthur, curse ©Apollo Movies

The disturbing world of Minimoys

As we can see in the trailer, and contrary to what the teaser suggested, Arthur, curse will not use the form of the found footage, but a more “classic” approach. All things considered, we think more of Chainsaw Massacre since we find young people who land in a place, in the middle of nowhere, and where they seem to live a dangerous and frightening population. In front of these images, we cannot yet know if they will be “simple humans” or if a fantastic part will come into play. And if the world of Minimoys really existed but was much less welcoming than we think ?

In any case, we are promised quite a violent movie (the blow of the wolf trap has its effect) and a great massacre to come. Produced by Luc Besson and directed by Barthélémy Grossmann, Arthur, curse will be released in theaters on June 29, 2022.

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