Arthur Aguiar’s R$ 1.5 prize is in the hands of Maíra Cardi and it’s already gone. Understand!

Maíra Cardi is the one who must decide the fate of the R$ 1.5 million prize that Arthur Aguiar won at “BBB 22”. That’s because, even before entering the reality, the actor gave a power of attorney with broad powers to Maíra. With that, the coach can decide everything for him. The information is from the newspaper “Extra”.

“He put his whole life in Maíra’s hands. While Arthur was in the house, she led everything, leaving even his family far away”, tells a person close to the couple to the newspaper.

This Thursday (12), another news about the couple also came to light: Arthur Aguiar would have committed another “skid” with Maíra before participating in the reality show. The coach, however, only found out what happened when the actor was already participating in “BBB 22” and didn’t let it interfere with her husband’s game.

For these reasons, Maíra and Arthur are doing a social media detox. In the days away from the internet, the couple must decide how they will live their love and professional lives.

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Money from ‘BBB 22’ will be to pay Arthur Aguiar’s debts


Also according to the newspaper “Extra”, Arthur Aguiar invested all his savings in his career as a singer before the reality show. Therefore, the award R$ 1.5 million will be used to pay off debts that you created to record your music and clips.

“More than ever he needed to win the program. This R$ 1.5 million was destined even before Arthur knew it would be his”, told a friend of the former BBB to the newspaper.

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