Arthur Aguiar rejected at Globo? Actor reacts to alleged boycott of Multishow program. Understand!

Winner of ‘BBB22’ , Arthur Aguiar decided to release the verb this Wednesday (22) after having his name involved in a rumor. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from Splash, the actor – whose tour was postponed for medical reasons – offered to be the next presenter of ‘TVZ’, a program of Multishow, which is part of Grupo Globo, however, it would have been rejected by the broadcaster.

On Instagram, Maíra Cardi’s husband denied the rumor. “I was going to keep quiet, but I’m tired of keeping quiet and inventing things about me. Thank you Multishow, for taking a stand and denying another lying news about me”, wrote the actor, whose name was linked to another controversy after a speech by the singer Mumuzinho.

In addition to Arthur, who recently met Pedro Scooby after confinement on reality, the station also spoke out. “Multishow has a great relationship with Arthur Aguiar and it would be a pleasure to have him as a presenter on TVZ. However, there is already a list of names defined for the program until the end of the year. The channel continues in conversations with the artist for opportunities in the future,” the channel said.

Arthur Aguiar comments fear of facing surgery: ‘I’m nervous’


At the hospital, Arthur shared with fans that he is nervous about the surgeries that take place this Thursday afternoon (23). “Well, I’m here. I’m in the hospital and, anyway, today is the day I’m going to have my surgeries, you already know. I confess that I’m a little nervous, tense, because the surgery has already been postponed a few times, but today in the name of Jesus it happens”, he began.

“I’m afraid of this general anesthesia thing, but as you know, there’s nothing to do, I have to do it, it’s not optional, and today the day has come. So I want to ask all my fans, people who like me, who watch me here, to pray a lot, to make it all right, It’s all worked out, in the name of Jesus, but that’s it, I’ll show up here, I’ll show you as much as I can, how my recovery will happen”, he added.

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