Arthur Aguiar and Maíra Cardi make a drastic decision and decide to remake their lives in another country

Maíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar are about to leave Brazil, and it seems that the period away will be a long time. According to columnist Leo Dias, from “Metrópoles”, the destination for the new phase will be California, in the United States, where the life coach lived for 8 years before meeting the actor.

People close to Maíra confided that the businesswoman’s interest is solely the search for a simpler and safer life with her children Lucas, 22, and Sophia, 3. The idea of ​​change was also strengthened, above all, by the possibility of able to lead a “normal” life.

Maíra Cardi will remake her life in another country with Arthur Aguiar

Sought, Maíra Cardi confirmed the information. “I was very happy here, I love the simple life here. I always wanted to go back, but I couldn’t because Sophia was small and he had his life tied up in Brazil. I’m so grateful for everything I have, but today I live in a bubble”, vented.

“I’ve almost been kidnapped twice, I can’t enjoy the simplest things like going to the beach with my daughter without being afraid. Lucas was raised here, studied in a public school and used to skate to school. Now God willing I’ll be back, because he doesn’t have anything to tie him down anymore,” he said.

The departure of Maíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar has generated speculation recently. According to a friend of the former BBB, the couple is going through a crisis and separation may be a possibility. Maíra commented on the rumors and said that the hatred damaged the relationship.

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