Artemis I: stunning photos of Earth taken by the Orion spacecraft en route to the Moon

After months of postponement, the mission Artemis I is finally launched. the launcherlauncher SLS, the most powerful ever built, successfully took off on the night of November 15 to 16, 2022. Objective: complete a tour of the MoonMoon and come back. An unmanned mission which should last 25 days and aims to prepare and qualify the next Artemis II and Artemis III missions, which will be manned, from 2024.

Shortly after takeoff, the capsule OrionOrion was ejected by the launcher and continued its course. It was then a few hours later that his first selfie was unveiled thanks to the multiple cameras the spacecraft has, showing several stunning views of Earth. It was then some 92,000 kilometers from our planet. This photo of Earth captured from a human-class spacecraft hasn’t been seen since 1972 when the last mission ApolloApolloabout 50 years agosaid the spokeswoman for the NasaNasaSandra Jones, during the diffusiondiffusion live sharing views from the capsule today. The views of our “blue marble” [« blue marble » en anglais, NDLRNDLR] in the blackness of space now capture the imagination of a new generation, the Artemis generation”.

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