Arsonist firefighter arrested: his Facebook photos raise huge questions today!

He faces 15 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros for having lit no less than 4 new fireplaces on July 26, when he was returning home from a tough intervention with 650 firefighters. The arsonist firefighter from Hérault, Guillaume, is the subject of a portrait, this week in the columns of Paris Match.

“I need to see the fire”

Our colleagues report how the gendarmes had been on his trail for some time, and it was witnesses who spotted him not far from the lights. When he was arrested, he was asked: “what are you doing“, he has answered “I am a volunteer firefighter!“We searched him and found two lighters in his pocket and in his car. His custody will last for 36 hours.

He will then confessI need to see the fire”. For her part, her lawyer, Marion Barre, will tell: “He is aware of his addiction, as a drug addict can be, but he finds it difficult to explain it. He lives in this duality: the excellent professional and the shame, the stupefaction. He was relieved to be arrested Before the judge, he issued regrets, apologies to the firefighters“.

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While the investigation is underway, his Facebook page becomes overwhelming proof. She “glorify his passion” explains the weekly. He indeed posted an array of 30 fires, “that we could equate today to criminal trophies“, deduces the journalist. And to add: “For the arsonist, whose behavioral problems are poorly understood, each fire is a renewed pleasure because each fire is different“.

Put “stage his own heroism”

Presented before the public prosecutor’s office on July 28, the man who is also elected municipal official in the commune of Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, is accused of destroying forests, moors, maquis or plantations of others which took place under conditions of likely to expose people to bodily harm. Fabrice Belargent, the Montpellier prosecutor argued before the court that by lighting fires in his town, the arsonist firefighter with “need for social recognition“. Since it was he who was going to put them out, he “acted out his own heroism” according to Paris Match.


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