arsenic in rice: If rice is prepared wrongly at home, it will become poison, family members may be at risk of this disease – Study

Rice is becoming the first choice of us Indians. Even if it is made, it is also easy to cook rice and it does not take much time to digest it. Also, rice is an easy way to eat vegetables or any kind of pulse in large quantities. But do you know that just leaving the rice raw can be fatal for you. Often, rice is left uncooked in homes at some point or the other. Where people even eat without complaint.

If you do this too, then turn it off today. Let us tell you that in a recent research it has been found that consuming rice even when it is raw. It can cause diseases like cancer. It is known that most of the things in today’s time are made of chemicals. In such a situation, if the food remains raw, chemicals can go into the stomach and cause harm. Let us understand in detail why we should consume only fully cooked rice.


Recently a study has been done by Queen’s University of England. This study suggests that the chemicals present in the soil of industrial toxins and pesticides can damage rice. Arsenic poisoning can also be caused by its consumption.

Rice is a carcinogen

So far, not one but many studies have been done regarding this. Which suggests that rice is a carcinogen that can cause cancer. Another study that was done by teachers from California. Some women were included in this. It was started in the mid 90’s. Through this, it was done with the aim of identifying breast cancer in women and its associated risks. The follow-up done in this study revealed that the cases of breast cancer and lung cancer were seen most in about 9400 women.

Too much arsenic is found in rice

Let us tell you that arsenic is a chemical present in minerals. It is often used as a pesticide. At the same time, there are some countries whose level of arsenic in ground water is very high. On the other hand, if exposed to this chemical through food or water for a long time, it can cause many problems, such as vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, and cancer etc. In such a situation, recent research suggests that too much arsenic is found in rice. If we eat rice without cooking it completely, then it can lead to many health-related problems in the future.

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Soak in water one night before cooking

If you love rice, you don’t need to give up on it. Rather, a little work has to be done before cooking them. According to a study by Queen’s University Belfast, if rice is soaked in water the night before cooking, it can reduce arsenic levels by up to 80 percent.


First – During this method, two parts water and one part rice were cooked by steam.

Second – During this method, five parts water and one part rice were taken. Thereafter the excess water was removed. This reduced the level of arsenic by half.

third – During this method, the rice is left soaked in water for 8 hours before cooking. After this it was found that the level of arsenic decreased by 80 percent. If someone does not have time, then you can also soak the rice for three to four hours.

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