Arrests in Germany and Switzerland of suspected ISIS members and sympathizers

In Switzerland, three people were arrested Monday evening in the cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen and Lucerne, announced in a press release the public prosecutor of the Swiss Confederation, specifying that the authorities had also carried out seven searches.

The people arrested, about whom no details have been communicated, are suspected of “participation in or support for the prohibited terrorist organization ‘Islamic State'”, specify the Swiss authorities.

In Germany, a man was at the same time arrested in Römerberg (West), according to the German federal prosecutor’s office.

The suspect, Aleem N., is “strongly suspected of preparing a serious act of violence threatening the security of the State and of belonging to a terrorist group abroad”, specifies in a press release the federal prosecution.

He is suspected of having briefly joined Syria in September 2020 before, “at the latest from April 2021, to integrate IS from Germany and to carry out extensive propaganda activities for the organization”.

“His task consisted mainly of translating official texts, videos or audio messages of the EI from Arabic into German and broadcasting them on various channels of the Telegram messaging service in the German-speaking area”, details the parquet.

“IS considers these activities as equivalent to direct participation in violent jihad”, argues the judicial authority.

The suspect also “probably submitted to a telephone interview with IS officials in late fall 2021” to “verify his reliability” before possibly moving to “ISIS operation areas”. IE”.

“Such an attempt failed again in January 2022”, adds the prosecution, specifying that Aleem N. would be presented on Tuesday to an investigating judge of the Federal Court of Justice, who will notify him of the arrest warrant and will decide to the execution of pre-trial detention.

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