Arrested in the act of theft, Cédric sets Colruyt on fire: “They locked me in the office while I am claustrophobic”

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What was a simple shoplifting turned into arson on September 17th. With penalties that can potentially go up to 20 years in prison! That day, Cédric went to Colruyt. Twice. The first time, around 3 p.m., he stole two packs of cigarettes for 156 euros. “I was on the street, I was hungry. That same morning, I went to the CPAS to get an advance, ”he explains. The second time was at 7 p.m. This time, he grabbed three packs of cigarettes again and was caught red-handed by security guards who locked him in an office while waiting for the police.

►For Cédric, however, there is no question of calmly waiting for the police. “He got angry, knocked over the desk, kicked the computer upside down and finally set the trash can on fire with his lighter”.

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“For the same price, you were dead and maybe also all the customers and staff of Colruyt”, declared the deputy public prosecutor.

►Cédric was not his first offense: rape of a minor, assault and battery against an officer… He was also on parole and had to register for a cocaine withdrawal program.

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