Arnošt Goldflam (75): Without pills, he wouldn’t even get out of bed

The well-known actor, director and also a writer of children’s books likes to joke about his mental problems, but in real life it is not such fun.

Morning anxiety

“I will wake up in the morning with feelings of futility. I’m afraid I won’t get the day together at all. I can’t even talk. I feel completely helpless, tight, as if I had a belt around my stomach that grips me and keeps me in tension and fear, “admits the representative of my grandfather Arnošt from the ČT Špunti series on the road.

He’s losing his job

Mental problems deprived him of many jobs. “When it started intensely for me a few years ago, I was about to direct a show. I came there, but we had absolutely no strength or motivation to do it. I had a completely erased head in my head, as I say, an empty head and no energy. And so I had to cancel the direction, “he recalls Goldflam. He even had to direct an opera once, but … I got scared I couldn’t do it, so I gave up. I’m old too, I don’t have that much strength, I prefer to go to smaller performances, “says the director openly.

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The worst is over

Depression afflicted him so much that he had to seek professional medical help. With the help of medication and psychiatrist visits, I got over it. When we meet, he listens to me, asks purposefully, and prescribes a certain medication. We tried more drugs, then added more to my morning anxieties. To get better in the morning. What he recommended to me does me good. I would say that I now have a medication that I can live quite well with, “Goldflam describes in his book Depression is not a depot by the most famous Czech psychiatrist Radkin Honzák (83), whom he goes to when he is at his worst. Fortunately, the worst is over.

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