Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is sued for R$ 7.8 million for being involved in an accident

The son of the actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph Baena, was sued for around US$1.5 million (approximately R$7.8 million in current exchange rates) due to a car accident he was involved in last year. In addition, he will have to appear in court to answer for the situation.

The information was published by “Radar Online” this Thursday (04/08). According to the details found by the portal, a bailiff was at the house where Joseph’s mother Mildred lives to deliver the subpoena to the boy.

Joseph is the son of Arnold and Mildred, who was a housekeeper in the actor’s home and with whom he had an affair. The existence of the “bastard” son meant that the artist’s marriage to presenter Maria Shriver ended after 24 years of union. With her, Arnold had four children.

According to the report on the American portal, a man named Takaloo sues Joseph and claims that the car accident left him with “great mental, physical and nerve pain”, in addition to stating that he “suffered lost wages, had hospital expenses and medical, general damages and loss of earning capacity” due to the accident.

The process was opened at the beginning of the year. Takaloo claims that Joseph crashed his Jeep into his Audi on a street in Los Angeles. Due to the problems he claims to have suffered since then, he has asked for $1.5 million in damages; he says he “suffered personal injury as a direct and immediate result of the youth’s negligence and carelessness”.

Takaloo’s lawyer said in an interview that such injuries could result in “some permanent disability for him”. On top of that, Arnold’s company, Oak Productions, was also sued by the man. So far, neither Joseph nor the actor’s company have responded to the lawsuit.

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