ariel from "Big Brother 2022" he undressed in front of his companions and Alfa reacted: "Gross"

Ariel from ” Big Brother” passed his first nomination plaque, making Coti the new one eliminated from the most famous house in the country. The memes about the participant from Corrientes did not take long to arrive on social networks and his reaction for having left the reality show Santiago del Moro. Despite this, his teammates were not very happy with the barbecue’s salvation.

Check out the video of Ariel from “Big Brother 2022” drying herself off naked in front of her peers!

This is because the new entrant to “GH” He has attitudes that make coexistence uncomfortable. on this occasion A video of the grillman getting out of the pool and drying himself was leaked. Then he walks a few meters away and undresses to take off his mesh and finish passing the towel over his body.. Faced with his actions, his peers were upset.

Consequently, Alpha from “Big Brother” he began to say: “Naked on the couch, gross. Gross. It’s a matter of coexistence. You are naked in a chair that we all use later”. Likewise, social networks affirm that After the attitude that Ariel had, the Telefe production decided to cut off the transmission of Pluto TV for a few minutes.

The two largest participants in the house have already had altercations and Walter asked him not to get closer to him, since he does not want to have any kind of bond.. In addition, the women were also surprised by the way their partner dries off after showering, since he does it in front of them without any precautions.

Ariel and Alpha in the pool of ' <a href=Big Brother’.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.” title=”Ariel and Alfa in the ‘Big Brother’ pool.” vspace=”5″>
Ariel and Alfa in the pool of “Big Brother”.

At the moment, since the production of Big Brother”did not take any action regarding the actions of Ariel. Despite this, on social networks they repudiated the way of acting of the new participant of the reality show Santiago del Moro.

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