Ariana Grande: Her best outfits as a judge on The Voice

Ariana Grande has given us the best outfits in her participation as a coach of the talent that competes in the program The Voice. What are your most iconic looks? Look at these pictures.

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Singer Ariana Grande She has had her stages of very feminine looks, others more daring, fun and now she is in a facet in which she likes to play with clothes, combine them and be herself.

In your participation as coach from The Voice America, has caught us with outfits that reflected his love for the fashion, but she also proved her title as one of the celebrities who impose new mixes that you can wear too.

Next, we leave you a list of outfits that Ariana Grande wore like no one else on the imposing red chair of Program of TV. Do you already have your set favorite in mind? We love them all!

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Ariana Grande looks sensational with these looks on The Voice United States

  • Ariana Grande as Jenna Rink from If I Were 30

We all screamed when we saw the POV singer giving us a nostalgic wink with her look in the style of Jenna Rink, the protagonist of the film If I had 30. Ari is a big fan, because in her music videos she also took the tape as a reference.

Ariana Grande’s look on The Voice. | Source Twitter @ obviousari

If one thing has taught us Ariana Grande is that monochromatic looks are the coolest thing to have fun with your outfits, on this occasion he shows us his more ‘northern’ side with gloves, corset and flared pants. 10/10

Ariana Grande’s look on The Voice. | Source Twitter @ obviousari

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As we mentioned before, an infallible of Arna Grande are the monochrome looks and in The Voice there was no lack of a totally black look. Your best friends? High patent leather boots with a cowboy touch.

Ariana Grande’s look on The Voice. | Source Twitter @ obviousari

This Ariana Grande outfit on The Voice gave us all the vibe of 2000’s fashion, with a strappy top, waves in the purple range, a slit skirt and her iconic platform heels that cannot be missing from her wardrobe.

Ariana Grande’s look on The Voice. | Source Twitter @ obviousari

If Ariana Grande has used something in her looks like judge on The Voice It’s the fringes, on one occasion lilac and this time with a black dress tight to her body, the lights on the set gave her that extra shine to look sensational.

Ariana Grande’s look on The Voice. | Source Twitter @ obviousari

Did you know that Ariana Grande wanted to work as a child? In an interview he recounted his ingenious way of applying for his first job. Owwww!

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