Argentario, the missing woman has not yet been found.

Argentario (Grosseto), 25 July 2022 – The Argentario accident it is a tragedy. Saturday afternoon a motorboat with on board 4 Danish tourists, perhaps sailing on autopilot, overwhelmed a 14-meter-long sailboat on which 6 people were traveling. In the impact in which the ship broke open on the left stern is died Andrea Giorgio Coen, 59 years old from Piedmont but resident in Rome. On board the sailboat there was also Anna Claudia Cartoni, 60 years old, Roman. There woman still turns out lostdespite the fact that in the night between Sunday 24 and Monday 25 July the searches continued unabated. So here are the latest news they updates on the Porto Ercole accident on the Argentario.

There’s a first investigated for the accident. This is the person who was driving the speedboat, a 13-meter motor boat on which four Danish citizens were at the time of the accident. Investigators are working to reconstruct the exact dynamics of what happened. Just to verify each track, the investigators questioned all four people who were on board the motorboat in these hours. At the moment the file opened by the Prosecutor assumes the offenses of shipwreck And manslaughter. In the meantime, both boats – both motor and sailing boats – are being seized.

Meanwhile, the search for the 60-year-old Roman Anna Claudia Cartoni, the woman missing after the accident, continues. The outcome of the researchalso continued throughout the night between Sunday and Monday 25 July, is still negative. The searches, managed by the Porto Santo Stefano District Maritime Office under the coordination of the Operations Center of the Livorno Maritime Directorate, were carried out with nautical means of the Coast Guard, also using units stationed on the island of Giglio and from the island of ‘Elba. Search operations continue even today with surface vehicles and helicopters.

Andrea Coen, who died in the Argentario accident

The man who died in the Argentario accident is Andrea Giorgio Coen, 59, originally from Biella (Piedmont) but resident in Rome. The victim was a director of one art Gallery, specialized in antique tapestries and carpets in via Margutta, in the heart of the historic center of the capital. Andrea Coen’s body was taken to the Orbetello hospital in Grosseto.

Anna Claudia Cartoni (Photo taken from Facebook)
Anna Claudia Cartoni (Photo taken from Facebook)

Anna Claudia Cartoni has dedicated her life to assisting disabled children and to sport. Cartoons taught gymhad a disabled daughterhe told the story of his Irene, who suffered cardiac arrest when she was less than a year old, in the book “Irene is pretty. A half life”.

Graduated in physical education, Cartoni became a federal technician of artistic gymnastics: she grew up in the Flaminio Gymnastics, an award-winning company affiliated with the FGI and belonging to the Lazio sports club. Under her leadership, we read on the Federation’s website, Maria Teresa Gargano wins bronze at the 2004 European Championships in Amsterdam and in the same year participates in the Athens Olympics.

Sport, mountains and the sea are his great passions, shared with the husband Fernando Manzo61 years old, owner of the company Bio Impresa, who was at the helm of the Vahinè when the motorboat, around 5.30 pm on Saturday, hit them in full.

To cause the accident on Saturday afternoon at the Argentario could have been the automatic pilot inserted on the yacht. Shipwreck, manslaughter And injuries are the offenses hypothesized by the Grosseto prosecutor who coordinates the investigations: according to investigators and investigators the most probable hypothesis is precisely that the powerful motorboat, with four Danish citizens on board, was sailing with the autopilot engaged and would have ended up at high speed against the sailing boat, 14 meters long, on which there were 6 peopleall resident in Rome.

The investigations, entrusted to the prosecutor on duty Valeria Lazzarini, are conducted by the coast guard and one of the first things that must be ascertained is the speed to which the yacht proceeded: the ordinances of the Harbor Master’s Office establish that at a distance of one km from the beaches or 500 meters from the rocky coasts, the maximum speed must not exceed 10 knots.

According to what was learned, the Danes had been to Giannutri and had to return to the island of Elba. The yacht, which was proceeding at high speed, would have practically passed over the sailboat, overwhelming the boat. Both wrecks were brought to Porte Ercole (Grosseto) and placed under seizure at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

At the Orbetello hospital, according to what was explained by the ASL Toscana southeast, two women injured in the accident were treated by the emergency room, who were then discharged late Saturday evening. Still in the same hospital, another injured person is undergoing brief observation and could be hospitalized. While another man was instead taken to the Grosseto hospital.

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