Arezzo, no to the wording “parent” on the identity card: sentence opposite to that of Rome after the appeal of two women

The court of Romejust a few days ago, had given the ok to the generic wording of ‘parent’ on his daughter’s identity card, welcoming the memory of two mothers – one biological, the other adoptive – today another court in Arezzo issues an opposite decision: there is only one mother. The civil court of Arezzo rejected the appeal of two women who asked to both be recognized as mothers of their twins. The two women of Anghieriin the Aretino area, they have been married since 2021 and they had a pair of twins, born following a path of medically assisted procreation in a clinic in Spain.

Upon the birth of the twins, the registrar of the municipality of residence of the couple opposed the rectification of the birth certificate with the integration of the surname of the intended mother alongside that of the mother in childbirth. In other words, the municipality of residence has registered the twins in the Registry as children of one single mother. Even in the human understanding of the case and of the “concrete parental relationship not only intentional and emotional but also biological between the minors and both applicants”, write the judges of Arezzo, “the need to protect the interests of minors, in the state of the current legislation, it cannot legitimize the court to replace its own assessments with those pertaining exclusively to the legislator“. For the civil section of the Arezzo court, all made up of women, “there is a gap to be filled at the regulatory level that guides the decisions of the judiciary with respect to what is new in society on the delicate issue of parenthood”. As, precisely, the case of same-sex couples who form families, have children with medically assisted fertilization abroad and ask for recognition at home of a status that Italian law does not allow.

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