Are your hands and feet tingling? Warm up with easy exercises

What does it do for frozen hands?

Spread your legs slightly apart and spread them apart. Begin to quickly bend your outstretched arms at the elbows towards your chest and straighten them again. Always keep your arms strong during the exercise. After about 1-2 minutes, you should feel your hands and fingers starting to “come together”. Clap and wiggle your fingers. Clench your hand into a fist, count slowly to 3 and release.

And on ice feet?

Stand astride (if you have ski boots or tightly tied shoes, loosen them) and do a few quick squats. Then wiggle your toes and circle your feet. Stand on your toes repeatedly. Clench your fingers, count to three slowly and spread them apart. Repeat until your legs bleed.

Every moment counts

Use every free moment to warm up and blood your hands and feet. Exercise while waiting for the bus, standing in line, or even while eating.

It is common in winter

It is normal to have cold hands and feet in winter. This is because the body will narrow the blood flow in the limbs in order to maintain heat and blood circulation in the more important parts of the body. However, if you often suffer from icy limbs even in the heat, you should see a doctor.

Heats the mouth and the blood

These foods will not only make your mouth hot, but will also reliably warm your whole body, including your limbs. They dilate blood vessels, which improves blood circulation.

• ginger

• cinnamon

• chili peppers

• garlic

• pepper

• turmeric

• horseradish or wasabi

• clove

• cardamom

Bet on herbs too

Herbs such as calendula, lemon balm, basil, chamomile, motherwort or mint will also warm the body.

Think about your drinking regime

When it’s cold, we tend to drink less fluids than the body needs. However, the correct drinking regimen is the basis of good blood circulation in the body. In addition to water, you can drink hot teas with ginger, mint or cinnamon.

Exercise before you go out

You can prevent icicles instead of hands and feet by exercising your limbs before going outside. As an aid, you can take a massage ball (so-called hedgehog), which you will roll back and forth with your feet. You can also massage your palms and fingers with the ball. Or exercise without any equipment – repeatedly squeeze your fingers on your hands and feet, count to three slowly, and then spread them.

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