Are you undecided? For shrinks, it may be a sign of intelligence

Are you having trouble making your decisions? You may be more intelligent than the others. Indeed, the fact of not rushing into decision-making would help to avoid cognitive errors. A way to have more relevant judgments by avoiding going too fast. It is often wiser to take your time before deciding.

Using a scale of indecision, the researchers showed that indecision was often the product of perfectionism as the BBC reports. “Perfectionists are afraid of the shame or regret that can come from making the wrong choice, so they delay making a decision until they are sure they are making the right choice,” the newspaper reports.

According to a recent study conducted by Jana-Maria Hohnsbehn, doctoral student, and Iris Schneider, professor of social psychology, at the TU Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden), those who hesitate the most are also those who make the best decisions. Those who are very ambivalent take longer to make decisions. But Jana-Maria Hohnsbehn and Iris Schneider found that these people were also less prone to bias when making their judgments. Often the undecided take more time to be sure to have all the information in hand to choose the best option.

Set a time limit for reflection


“The ambivalence of features helps us to to protect from this type of too simplistic thinking – and can help us with other forms as well,” the BBC points out. For those who are undecided, the important thing is that this character trait does not become overwhelming. find”, summarizes the study.

On a daily basis, the researchers recommend setting a deadline for making a final decision so as not to spend too much time mulling over different options. Why, for example, not spend two hours looking for information before allowing time to deliberate.

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