Are TV builders Peter and Kerstin still in contact after the breakup?

How are Peter and Kerstin (29) related to each other now? For many fans, the farmer and the station secretary of a hospital were the dream couple of the past Bauer sucht Frau-Staffel – there was even talk of a wedding and children. In April, however, the two surprisingly announced their separation. So far they have not wanted to comment on the reasons for the love-off. Yes are Peter and Kerstin to speak well to each other?

As part of a Instagram-Question reveals Kerstinthat they are currently no longer in contact with Peter have. “But we have no problem with each other”, added her. In the meantime, the Bavarian even has a new partner and stressed: “I’m very happy at the moment.” In addition, she had become more self-confident through her participation in “Bauer sucht Frau” and is now fully behind herself.

that between Peter and Kerstin Apparently there is no bad blood flowing, as can be seen by looking at their social media profiles. Although it’s been over two months since their split, they only have a few of their pictures together Instagram turned off. In addition, they still follow each other.

Kerstin Scholz in April 2022 in Mallorca

Instagram / kerstin_scholz_

Kerstin Scholz in April 2022 in Mallorca
Kerstin and Peter, "Farmer is looking for a woman" couple

RTL / Friese

Kerstin and Peter, “Farmer is looking for a woman” couple
Peter, “Farmer is looking for a wife” candidate 2021

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