Are J-Hope and Becky G planning collaboration while BTS is in LA?

The friendship of Becky G and BTS is something that has crossed borders and over time has become more beautiful, could it be that they will collaborate on a new song?

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BTS has managed to forge pretty friendships in the music industry thanks to their collaborations, it is no secret that they now have a great bond with Coldplay, with whom they worked together for the song ‘My Universe’, they have also spent time with Megan Thee Stallion, who was part of the remix of ‘Butter ‘from Bangtan.

But one of the friends which has been going on for longer and is also very loved by ARMY, it is Becky G, since he met Bangtan Sonyeondan until your collaboration with J-Hope for ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ and other interactions, show us the beauty of the relationship between idols and the singer.

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This is why every time Becky meets the Bangtan Boys we find the most beautiful moments that ARMY enjoys witnessing; it’s been a while since ‘CNS’, although the support for this song in collaboration with J-Hope y Becky G it continues to receive great support.

Could it be that they are preparing a new joint work? Maybe this time we will see all the members of BTS with a new song next to Becky, she expressed her desire to do something with them South Korean artists.

Becky G confesses that she wants to work with BTS now that they are in LA, is a new collaboration coming?

During an interview at the 2021 AMAs, Becky G said that she spoke with the BTS members and now that they idols darán su show ‘Permission to Dance On Stage’ en The Angels, she wanted to see if they could do something together: 0.

ARMY thinks it could be the presentation de ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ live, with Becky as a guest, although they also suspect a new collaborationWill we know soon what they are planning?

  • Becky G talking about BTS and that she wanted to work with them again | Twitter: @ChartBeckyG

Fans are looking forward to something happening, maybe in the middle of a concert, Becky shows up and joins the BTS show, there is less and less time to find out.

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BTS and Becky G had cute interactions at 2021 AMAs

Becky met with BTS at the 2021 AMAs, spoke with them and greeted them effusively after not seeing them for so long, she also took photos with the idols, something super cute and that show us much more about their friendship.

The souvenir photo of BTS and Becky G at the 2021 AMAs | Twitter: @iambeckyg

So let’s wait patients what they might be working for Becky G y BTS, it will surely be something super exciting.

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