Are Belgian viewers boycotting the World Cup?

Despite the various controversies surrounding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the entry into the running of the Red Devils against Canada this Wednesday, November 23 was massively followed by spectators, both on the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking side. On average, 1,180,000 viewers gathered in front of RTBF, while they were 1,881,984 on average to follow the match on Eén, the two public service channels announced on Thursday.

With nearly 1.2 million viewers, and a peak of 1,275,000 at the end of the meeting, RTBF achieved a 70% market share during this inaugural meeting. Relatively good figures, but which nevertheless constitute a slight decline compared to those of 2018 at the same stage of the competition.

At the time, the troops of Roberto Martinez had federated a little less than 1.5 million viewers on average (1,441,529) on La Une, for a market share of 87.9?%. However, Auvio, the digital platform of RTBF, recorded a record influx during the victory of the Red Devils against Canada with 379,000 live views.


We do not notice a significant effect on the call for a boycott of the competition

Benoit Delhauteur, Head of Sports at RTBF

“You should no longer consider audience figures when comparing television broadcasts. Consumption patterns are changing and we notice that the percentage of people who watch matches via Auvio is constantly increasing. With this match against Canada, Auvio has just broken an absolute record. We must therefore, from now on, see things in a more global way. And we are very satisfied with these figures. In any case, we do not notice any significant effect on the call for a boycott of the competition”, reacted Benoit Delhauteur, head of sports at RTBF.

On the Dutch-speaking side, the VRT, with its average of 1,881,984 people (and a peak of 2,016,000 viewers at the end of the game), recorded a market share of 70.8%. Online viewing also broke all records, since VRT MAX, its digital platform, saw 319,302 spectators follow the match.

Although they are high, in Flanders too, the audience figures were lower than four years ago, with an average of 2,077,871 people who had thrilled during the success against Panama.


The Devils match was a hit on TF1

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