Arcigay, Natascia Maesi elected to lead: she is the first woman. “Call me the president, mine will be a feminist leadership”

“I’m very Honored of the role that the association invests in me today and which is the result of a path that comes from afar and which involves many women within the association “. To say it is Natasha Maesithe first woman elected to the role of president from Arcigay. The 45-year-old journalist, expression of the Siena Territorial Committee, was voted for at the XVII National Congress of the association, which ended today, November 13, in Latina. “Lesbian and feminist, proud of my position and feel full responsibility for it at this time when they want to return women to the state of invisibility“.

“From today, for four years, I will be the president of Arcigay, ”said Maesi who then sent a clear message to the leader of Brothers of Italy: “And I underline the ‘the’, to mark the profound difference between female leadership and feminist leadership. Georgia Melonsin breaking the glass ceiling, ordered the cancellation of the feminine, with the consequent invisibility of women from public and political discourse, reinforcing the idea that women have value only if they look like men, become like them, they appeal to the masculine to be authoritative “.

The newly elected went on to illustrate how, together with “the others activists transfeminists of Arcigay “, intends to disobey the norms and expectations of gender, “Overcoming the limits of binarism”: “Words create meaning and imagination – explained Maesi -, they are very powerful tools that must be used responsibly. Even more so if you have a privilege or exercise a power ”.

In addition to the election of the new president Maesi, the association, on the final day of the National Congress, wanted to reaffirm, with a unanimous vote, its anti-fascist and pacifist identity. Furthermore, he has been conformed as general secretary Gabriel Piazzoni, 38 years of Crema. “Arcigay comes out of this appointment as an association loud And strong-willed, compact, cohesive and combative ”, underlined Piazzoni. “We are going through a complicated time – he continued -, in many ways hostile. But we feel ready and ready to go through this time without fear. Starting tomorrow we will be working to guarantee LGBTQ people support and representation, to relaunch the battles for the full equality of all, for a policy that removes obstacles and fills the void that this country is suffering in terms of human rights, civil, social “.

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