‘Archive Burn’: Reboot with Dominic Sherwood wins clip; Check out!

The action movie’Eraser: Reborn‘, reboot of the classic ‘File burning‘, won a new clip.

Check out:

John Pogue (‘From the Bottom of the Sea 3’) is responsible for directing.

Mason Pollard is an expert at “erasing” people – staging the death of risky witnesses. With the technological advancement of the last 25 years, the situation is completely different. He is responsible for the case of Rina Kimura, the wife of a crime boss who has decided to testify against her spouse. As the two flee to South Africa, with a team of assassin mercenaries on their trail, Pollard discovers that he has been set up. Betrayed and full of adrenaline, he needs to risk everything to get out of this situation or he risks being the “out”. Permanently.

Dominic Sherwood (‘Shadowhunters’) stars in the production. Jacky Lai (‘Apocalypse V’), McKinley Belcher III (‘Ozark’) and Eddie Ramos (‘Animal Kingdom’) round out the cast.

The feature will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on June 7th.

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