Arcane: Zaun’s True Hero Revealed

Contains spoilers

One character stands out as Zaun’s greatest hero in Arcane. The Netflix animated series features many morally flexible characters, but Ekko has proven to be the most purely heroic person in the plot, as noted in a Comic Book Resources article.

Leader of a resistance group, Ekko is a League of Legends champion and a very interesting character in Arcane.

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Introduced as a child at the beginning of Arcane, Ekko returns as the leader of his own group after years have passed, assuming an important leadership role in a resistance movement.

In the years that have passed, he has become a formidable figure, acquiring an impressive fighting style and incredible speed.

As leader, Ekko effectively became the closest thing to a true hero to Zaun in Arcane.

Hopeful, the character fights for others and resists the dark ambitions that surround him, while helping to create a home for the people of Zaun to call their own.

More about Arcane

Arcane tells the story of Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell), popular League of Legends characters.

Check out a synopsis below.

“Amidst the conflict between the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun, two sisters fight on opposite sides of a war between magical technologies and incompatible beliefs.”

Arcane received raves from League of Legends fans. They highlighted the engaging story and stunning visuals of the animated series.

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This is the first production inspired by League of Legends. The game has been extremely popular for a few years and has a legion of fans.

Arcane is on Netflix.

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