Arcane: What is known about Vi and Caitlyn’s relationship

Arcane fans want to know: Are Vi and Caitlyn a couple on the League of Legends series? Many Netflix viewers are suspicious that the relationship between the characters of Hailee Steinfeld and Katie Leung hides “something else”. The CheatSheet website explained everything that is already known about this story and its possible continuation on the platform.

In Arcane, Vi is one of the most important characters. The League of Legends Champion leads the series’ narrative along with sister Powder, aka Jinx.

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Caitlyn, for her part, comes from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Piltover. The character desperately wants to serve her community, and feels that something suspicious is happening behind the scenes of power.

Seeking answers, Caitlyn helps Vi escape from jail and embarks with the character on a journey to Zaun.

Are Vi and Caitlyn girlfriends in Arcane?

In the fifth episode of Arcane’s first season, titled “Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy,” fans picked up an important clue about Vi and Caitlyn’s relationship.

The two characters arrive in Zaun and infiltrate a sort of nightclub or “knight club” in search of information.

Vi and Caitlyn come from completely different backgrounds, and the Piltover native feels completely out of her comfort zone in Zaun.

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The pink-haired warrior explains to Caitlyn that she needs to understand her own appeal.

“You’re hot, sweetie,” says Vi. The scene is animated with a very erotic tone, especially in the way the character surrounds Caitlyn.

Arcane fans and League of Legends players have reacted to the scene on social media, and many are rooting for confirmation of Vi and Caitlyn’s romance.

The plot of the Netflix series indicates that the relationship between the two characters deepens and takes on more romantic contours throughout the episodes. However, fans will have to wait for the release of new chapters to see if Vi and Caitlyn will stay together.

Riot Games, the company responsible for League of Legends, has already expressed interest in expanding diversity and increasing the number of LGBTQ+ characters.

Neeko and Varus, for example, have already been confirmed as LGBTQ+ characters, but have not yet appeared in Arcane.

The game also annually celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month with special costumes and limited items.

Arcane is an excellent opportunity for the company to demonstrate its commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, particularly given the fact that Caitlyn and Vi are key characters in the Netflix production.

The next episodes of Arcane arrive on Netflix on November 20th.

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