Arcane: Netflix animated series ending explained

Arcane”Is an animated adventure, drama, and comedy television series set in the League of Legends universe. On November 6, it was released worldwide on Netflix, after a long wait due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MORE INFORMATION: All about “Arcane”, the new Netflix series set in the League of Legends universe

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Of Franco-American origin, the program was developed and produced by Riot Games, in collaboration with the studio Fortiche Productions, who were in charge of its animation. The format features 3 ‘acts’ of 3 episodes each, which were published for three consecutive weeks.

“Arcane” it is set in cities Piltover y Zaun, whose tension overflows and creates Hextech, a way in which anyone has the ability to control magical energy. After knowing the end of the season, many question some details; below, learn the explanation for episode number nine.

Vi and Jinx are the stars of the first animated League of Legends (Photo: Riot Games)


In the last episode, We makes it clear to Jayce who will fight on his own to get to Silco, but first he must go through Sevika, which generates an argument between them. This confrontation is not only pleasant to watch, but it is also purifying. Sevika He ranks first until Vi sees a vision of Vander begging him to get up. Silco is next, but Jinx knocks her out from behind.

Jinx is lost, she stayed alive, but at the cost of losing almost every part of her old identity. The climactic sequence, which unfolds around a dining table with homemade mannequins as guests, makes the Arc de Jinx literal. One of the seats is labeled “Jinx”, the other “Powder”. Vi must choose which one it will occupy. The question is whether he will continue with his old identity or the new one.

But Vi is not the only one, they are also present Silco y Caitlyn, in the hostage position, this because Vi and Silco are the conflicting aspects of Jinx’s personality. Vi continues to see her, naively, as his younger sister, while Silco perceives her as his daughter, but hardened by the oppression of Piltover, forced to become someone else to survive.

When Caitlyn manages to break free, Jinx quickly disarms her and points a gun. With your finger on the trigger, you must decide who it is. He shoots and, amid the confusion, it can be seen that he has shot Silco. But that’s not Jinx’s redemption, she doesn’t automatically return to Powder.

Jinx sits on the seat marked with her name and your arc is complete. The next thing he does is put the gemstone, which was on top of a cupcake in the middle of the table, into his pistol and shoots straight at the Piltover City Hall building. The season ends when the bullet hits the building.

"Arcane" has exceeded the public
“Arcane” has exceeded the public’s expectations (Photo: Netflix)


The series not only talks about class conflict and generational aftermath, but also revolves around people and how they are a reflection of their own personal experiences, which modifies the way they see the world. “Arcane” also shows how misunderstandings can create unnecessary conflict, as well as emphasizing that the innocent are the ones who are most affected by the foolish decisions of those in power.

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