‘Arcane’: ‘League of Legends’ based animation earns 100% critics approval

A complete 1st season of ‘Arcane‘, game-based animation ‘League of Legends’, is now available on Netflix and it has already become a tremendous success.

No Rotten Tomatoes, the attraction conquered 100% of approval of critics and 98% of the public.

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The numbers were revealed after the release of the final episodes last Saturday (20), and of all 17 ratings, not one is negative.

Among the comments, journalists praised the plot, the editing, the animation of the characters, the striking dialogues and references to the game franchise.

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“Newcomers should be equally fascinated by the compelling narrative of ‘Arcane‘, richly developed characters and beautifully detailed world construction, all accomplished through a visually stunning mix of hand-drawn and computer-generated animation.” – South China Morning Post.

“‘Arcane‘ manages to blend politics, brotherhood and magic in so many layers in a unique way across an incredibly magnificent world.” – Comic Years.

“I’m sure most series would like to start out as strong and engaging as the story of ‘Arcane‘. An engaging production that will gain strength and recognition in a matter of time.” – Flickering Myth.

“A visually stunning animation that easily joins the most praised titles in the genre.” – Common Sense Media.

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“A gift for the eyes… The result is nothing short of miraculous.” – Espinof.

“Simply splendid. ‘Arcane’ represents the next evolution in animation, after ‘Spider-Man on the Spiderverse’ e ‘Batman – The Animated Series‘.” – Beyond the Trailer.

By the way, the Netflix officially renewed animation for Season 2

“We are delighted with the positive reception of the first season of ‘Arcane’, and we are already working hard with the creative wizards of Roit and Fortiche to develop the second season.” stated the co-creators Christian Linke e Alex Yee.

Hailee Steinfeld (We), Ella Purnell (Jinx) e Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman) have already had their returns confirmed in the next cycle.

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Set in the thriving Piltover region and the oppressed underground city of Zaun, the story explores the origins of two iconic champions and the power that will tear them apart. Amid the conflict between these twin cities, two sisters fight on opposite sides of a war between magical technologies and incompatible beliefs.

The series was created by Christian Linke e Alex Yee.

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