"Aram, it’s fire" : Adriana Karembeu cash and without filter on her sentimental life, her secrets about the man of her life!

At 50, Adriana Karembeu is living her best life. Indeed, the ex-supermodel is the mother of a little girl, Nina, who turned her life upside down in 2018. Despite the arrival of a child, the godmother of the association of the Red Crossstill manages to spend many moments with her half, Aram Ohanian, with whom she married in 2014. And to believe her confidences in the number of Gala to be published this Thursday, June 23, it would seem that despite her age, which is beginning to be advanced, she would not have lost any of her ardor and her companion would give her back very well.

However, she does not forget the most important thing about the man in her life. The latter managed to reassure her and not make her “missing the motherhood train”. “He was the one who helped me. He reassured me by saying: ‘Trust me, you are going to be a good mother’ and I listened to him”she confides to our colleagues before adding: “He was right. I was 38 when I met him, we got married at 43. I had to wait three more years to get pregnant”.

The one who made his heart capsize

Despite the love that reigns in the couple, Adriana Karembeu would not sleep with Aram. “In Marrakech, I live in a hotel and there I share a huge room with my daughter – in which I even had a slide installed for her to play”she reveals in a first before indicating in which room her companion spent his nights: “Aram, he sleeps in another room. In the north, the children sleep with their mother in co-sleeping until late”.

They may not spend every night together, but the feelings are definitely there in their relationship. The ex-top model did not fail to praise the man of her life by saluting her “crazy character”. “Anyway, I always choose indomitable men. Aram is fire. I admire him”, she concluded. Strong words, which undoubtedly pleased the principal concerned.

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