Aquasplash 78 at Boucles de Seine, the inflatable water park at the gates of Paris

By My B. Posted Jul 25, 2022 10:21 AM

An inflatable water park now awaits you on the Boucles de Seine leisure island in Moisson in the Yvelines. Aquasplash 78, that’s the name of this aquapark at the gates of Paris which could well make your summer holidays more fun.

And if we offer ourselves a fun course on the water ? Direction the leisure center of Loops of the Seine to discover Aquasplash 78the brand new inflatable water course on a body of water which has something to delight young and old adventurers in search of freshness and animations.

A few minutes from Paris, within the Ile de Loisirs des Loops of the Seine, which offers us a beautiful beach to relax and swim all summer long in order to feel good in holidayswe can now fill up on sensations while having fun on a floating water parka playful and amusing course made up of obstacles to overcome to have fun with family or friends.

In this period of heat wave, what could be better than having fun on the water? Whether you are looking for a good plan for a anniversary between friends, a challenge to have fun with your group of friends, a fun activity for a team-building or just something to please your little family, this is an activity that should make everyone agree.

Come and test your agility, your balance, climbto run, skip, dip and of course fall into the water. How it works ? Equipped with a provided and compulsory vest that allows you to float in the event of a fall in the water, you set off to attack the aquatic course according to the time chosen (from 30 minutes to 2 hours according to your desires). Count 7€ for 30 minutes, 10€ for an hour, 14€ for an hour and a half and 16€ for two hours. A family format of 10 hours at €80 is also available. For the good plan, go there in the morning before noon: for a bought entry, an entry is offered to you (according to affluence).

Well, honestly after an hour, the desire to relax on your towel after so much effort will be there, well, especially for Sunday sports enthusiasts like us. Unless you call yourself Clémence or Claude and have done Koh Lanta, you will fall into the water for sure. Falling, climbing, jumping, diving, and coming back up, that’s enough to let off steam. Trampoline, climbing walls with slopes for the Warriors, catapult, slides and other challenges await you.

Note that the Boucles de Seine Leisure Island also has a great tree climbing course. For a full day of the most fun, you can opt for a package Accrocamp + Aquaslash. Count 25€ for children under 10 and 35€ for adults.

The spot awaits you every day from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.. To access it, you will have to pay the entrance fee to the leisure center which is 5€ per person or 15€ the car (up to 5 people).

Good splash to all!

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