“Aquaman 2”: Jason Momoa celebrates the end of filming with a funny picture

The shooting of “Aquaman 2” is finally done! And James Wan and his actors Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson celebrate this in a very special way.

Except for “Wonder Woman 1984”, the most recent DC films were quite a risk for Warner Bros. and the respective filmmakers: “Shazam!”, “Joker”, “Birds of Prey” and “The Suicide Squad” definitely don’t count the kind of movie movie fans and even DC fans have been craving for. Seen in this way, these projects were almost hit-or-miss attempts. In the case of “Joker”, it worked out well. The film was a commercial hit and received a lot of critical acclaim. “Birds of Prey”, on the other hand, was a failure in two respects.

2022, on the other hand, will probably be a dream year for the cinematic DC universe. At least if you look at which films will be released: “The Batman” starts on March 3, 2022, followed by “Black Adam” on July 28, 2022 und „The Flash“ am 3. November 2022. The coronation should then be “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” on December 15, 2022 being.

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“Aquaman” grossed around 1.1 billion US dollars worldwide in 2018 and is still by far the most successful DC film of all time. The expectations for the sequel are accordingly high. And the team around director James Wan and leading actor Jason Momoa pulls out all the stops to offer fans an adventure that puts the first film in the shade. The first glimpses as part of the DC FanDome 2021 made a lot of desire to go to the cinema. And an important milestone has just been reached: the shooting has finally ended, as director Wan lets know via Instagram. And he celebrates that with a funny picture. You can see him, Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson, who treat themselves to a refreshment on the beach in Malibu according to the film:

“And finally, finally, finally filming on the actually last day of ‘Aquaman 2’ in Malibu with these two gentlemen. Yes, we get very wet with this film, very often. Thanks a million to the incredible crew who worked so hard and tirelessly on this film. Especially the UK part where we shot 95 percent of the film. Truly some of the best artists and artisans I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Many greetings to the great employees from Hawaii and Los Angeles. I still have a very long way to go before it really comes that far, but I can’t wait to share this little film with you. “

James Wan piled his “little film” deeply. You can see which other films await you in the cinema year 2022 in our video.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: This is Aquaman’s next adventure

After Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa) defeated his half-brother Orm Marius (Patrick Wilson), he is the new king of Atlantis. But soon afterwards an ancient power is unleashed and forces Aquaman to form an alliance with Orm in order to jointly take action against this greatest danger that threatens not only Atlantis, but the entire world.

After Aquaman and Orm were allowed to hit each other’s heads in “Aquaman”, they have to fight side by side in the DC sequel. That should cause some biting comments and a lot of swipes. In addition to Momoa and Wilson, Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Amber Heard as Mera and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Manta return.

Do you love superhero films more than anything? Do you think you saw them all? Then test your knowledge with this ultimate quiz:

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