apple watch series 7 price Apple Watch Series 7 has averted a delay in shipments expected to begin shipments in late september say report

If you are eagerly waiting for Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 7 shipments are reported to be delayed, and Apple is expected to start shipments at the end of September. The wearable is set to be announced at the Apple event on September 14. Just a few days ago, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported a production delay, saying the wearable would be announced at the event but “model shipping will be delayed or in small quantities.” However, TF Securities Chief Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the production issues have now been resolved and mass production is expected to begin in mid-September, with sales expected to begin by the end of this month. Is.

Kuo, in his latest investor note accessed by MacRumors, says, “The production issue of the Apple Watch 7 is primarily related to the panel side. However, this has been resolved, and mass production of the panel module is expected to begin in September.” Will start in the middle.” The analyst claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 went through more production processes than the previous model due to the “dramatic” change in design. The display is expected to feature a flat-edge design similar to the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.

The delay was due to the new and complex design
In addition, Kuo says the display uses a new contact design instead of the old cable design, and will require a Low Injection Pressure Overmolding (LIPO) process for the first time. Apple is also sourcing OLED displays from new suppliers such as LG Display, Young Poong and Jabil. These suppliers, as well as new complex contact designs, are said to have contributed to the delay.

Shipments likely to start by end of this month
However, Kuo claims that Apple has resolved the panel module reliability issues. “We expect Jabil to begin mass production of the Apple Watch 7 panel module in mid-September.” The analyst has predicted that shipments are likely to start by the end of this month.

Apple Watch Series 8 will also be very special
In his investor note, Kuo also gave details about next year’s Apple Watch Series 8. The wearable is expected to offer new health management features including body temperature measurement. Body temperature is an essential parameter for detecting fever and thermometers are usually used for this purpose. Even future AirPods are reported to come with health management functions. Kuo did not elaborate on what these alleged upcoming features could be. Kuo says Chinese supplier Luxshare Precision will be the “biggest beneficiary” of Apple’s health management hardware products.

For now, all eyes are on Apple’s California streaming event on Tuesday, September 14. The tech giant is largely reported to launch the new iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3 at the event.

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