Apple sued for “spying” without your knowledge

Last week, cybersecurity researchers revealed that the iPhone continues to transmit personal data, even after disabling all options. Following this case, a resident of New York decided to launch a class action against Apple.

Apple highlights the options of privacyprivacy on his iPhone since the 14.5 update of iOS, even making respect for privacy the ironiron launch of its advertising campaign. However, even by disabling all data collection options, researchers have discovered that the firm continues to spy on its users. An American has therefore decided to attempt a class action.

The procedure was launched in the State of California, by a certain Elliot Libman, owner of a iPhoneiPhone 13 and resides in New York. It relies on the Invasion of Privacy Act, an invasion of privacy law. The majority of devices mobilesmobiles collect data about their users, including Android systems. However, the text, available on the site of Bloomberg Lawaccused AppleApple to carry out a “clandestine” collection against the explicit will of the user after the latter has deactivated all the related options.

Data that would be anonymized

If the privacy options in iOS do allow you to limit the collection of data by users appsapps third parties, this is not the case for applications developed by Apple. Last week researchers from the Mysk company discovered that the iPhone continues to transmit confidential data, including information about the device that could identify it. Additionally, Apple continues to record all actions in real time, including screen taps, searches, stock market tracking, and even time spent on each app.

According Apple Insider, the procedure would have little chance of succeeding and the plaintiff is alone at present. Additionally, Apple says the data is anonymized before it is used. It remains to be seen whether the judge will decide that the request is admissible.

iPhone Tracks You Even If You Don’t Want To

iOS 14.5 introduced privacy settings to prevent user tracking. Despite the presence of these options, this does not prevent Apple applications from collecting this data.

Article of Louis NephewLouis Nephewpublished on 10/11/2022

With its advanced data privacy settings in iOS, Apple prides itself on being the champion of customer privacy. Since version 14.5 of the operating systemoperating systemit is indeed possible to authorize or deny any tracking from third-party applications. But, in fact, it appears that this is not really the case, especially with regard to home-made applications by Apple.

In any case, this is what two developers from the company discovered Mysk. As proof, one of the developers published several screenshotscreenshot and video showing all the data transmitted during a simple browsing session on the App storestore for about ten minutes. The iPhone, which came with iOS 14.6, provided details about the type of device, its screen resolution, the different keyboards available, the network connection and other identifiers that facilitated user authentication and his follow-up.

Data collection despite barriers

Basically, this is pretty much everything the privacy protection system was supposed to avoid “leaking”. Further research, the developers also discovered that the data collection was not limited to the App Store, but also applied to other homemade applications, such as Books, Apple Music, Apple TV and I’itunesitunes Store.

For the moment, the experts have contented themselves with experimenting on version 14.6 of iOS, but they do not know if this practice has continued with iOS 16, which has been available since the arrival of the iPhone 14. It remains to be seen. what Apple does with this data that crosses the barriers of privacy settings.

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