Appearance of the youngest daughter of Virgínia Fonseca shocks and makes the influencer cry: ‘My God’

Internet users compare Maria Flor’s appearance to Virgínia’s father

On social media, other Virginia fans commented on the appearance and incredible resemblance between grandfather and granddaughter. “When she was born it was the first thing I thought of, and every day seems more”, opined an internet user. “Impressive, Maria Flor continuing grandpa’s mission here in this plan,” said another. “She transmits peace, tranquility, just like him, always very calm”, wrote a follower, stating that, for her, the similarity between them is not just physical.

“Guys, it’s identical to him”, another one was astonished. “Blue eyes like grandpa Mário’s eyes”, noted another. “People… surreal as they seem. God is too good. God is perfect”, thanked another fan from Virginia.

Recently, a family photo ignited a discussion about the girls’ personalities. In the click, taken during a trip to Disney, Maria Alice appears crying on Virgínia’s lap, while Maria Flor is very quiet on Zé Felipe’s lap. For many, the eldest clearly has a more agitated temperament than the youngest.

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