Anya Taylor-Joy’s next projects after The Menu


Anya Taylor-Joy does a great job on The Menu and we can expect to see a lot more from this young actress in the years to come. Her next projects of hers!

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu
© IMDbAnya Taylor-Joy in The Menu

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Margot in The menu, an amazing film where a young couple goes to a restaurant on an island to enjoy the exclusive dishes prepared by chef Slowik. Diners who are part of this unique experience do not know what is truly waiting for them in this unique location where meals are prepared with each client in mind.

Little by little, the plot of the film is decanting with surprises that audiences certainly do not expect. Slowik is a determined man. For him, food is a unique art form and he is determined that the diners who accompany him on this evening enjoy the unique experience that they have to live in that restaurant where the most incredible things will happen. Anya Taylor-Joy she certainly stands out in a cast where she is accompanied by names like Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult.

+Upcoming Anya Taylor-Joy projects


in 2023 Anya Taylor-Joy will participate in the computer-animated film that tells the story of Super Mario Bros. The nice plumber will have a new adaptation to the big screen after the failure that was the 90s movie. This time a luxury cast will lend their voices to carry this story forward: chris pratt like Mario, Jack Black like Bowser, Charlie Day like Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy like Princess Peach, who is kidnapped in the Mushroom Kingdom and will be rescued by these brave heroes.

Later, in 2024, Anya Taylor-Joy will star in the prequel Mad Max: Fury Road titled furious which follows the alternate origin of the renegade warrior before becoming part of Immortan Joe’s clan and betraying him to escape with Mad Max through the desert. The new film is directed by George Miller and will count in its cast with Chris Hemsworth acting as the villain on duty.

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the new faces of the Hollywood film industry who managed to stand out thanks to the series of Netflix Queen’s Gambit and since then he knew how to capitalize on every opportunity that came his way. Surely her professional career will continue to flourish thanks to the innate talent of this interpreter who knows how to add a unique grace and intensity to each of her roles. Incredible!

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