Antoine de Maximy (J’ai slept chez vous): the famous drunk globetrotter… this totally WTF sequence that will make you hallucinate!

This Friday, August 5, 2022, viewers of RMC Discovery will be able to find Antoine de Maximy in two new issues of I will sleep at your house. This time, Magalie’s companion flew to Greece and Australia. No doubt the twists and turns will be there. On a daily basis, the main interested party multiplies trips to the four corners of the world.

The opportunity for him to discover countless cultures and share them with his admirers. Epicurean and open-minded, we can say that he is not afraid of anything! His trip to South Korea for example had the merit of marking him. During this journey, Antoine de Maximy had a great time with the villagers.

“I don’t remember anything at all!”

Very welcoming, they invited him for a drink. Over the minutes, the merry troop chained the shooters. Amused, Lucie’s dad immortalized the transparent alcohol in which a mysterious plant bathed. But much later, the globetrotter woke up in a vehicle… And he had a total blackout. Thanks to his cameras, Antoine de Maximy was able to discover the images of this wild evening.

The giggles galore galvanized him with his new friends… In an excerpt, the director even let out a huge fart that left no one unmoved. For Tele-Leisure, Antoine de Maximy has also confided in this story: “In South Korea, with little grandpas, I shared glasses of rice wine and chewing grass… Result: six hours of black hole! I kept turning and, obviously, they laid me down in my car. But I don’t remember anything at all! “.


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