Anthony Hopkins on his role in Armageddon Time: "He is very similar to my maternal grandfather"

Anthony Hopkins delved into a very intimate aspect of his past, while talking about his role in Armageddon Time.

Anthony Hopkins he is one of the most famous actors on the planet, still loved by the general public today and rewarded for his skills on the set and fans will soon be able to appreciate his talent on the occasion of the film Armageddon Time. The artistic longevity that he continues to demonstrate is unparalleled, engaging in projects in which he still manages to demonstrate his talent.

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During a long interview with The Guardian, Anthony Hopkins spoke about his recent experience with Armageddon Time – The Time of the Apocalypse, a film he worked on directed by James Gray, revealing that his own character “he’s very similar to his grandfather”: “The man I play is very similar to my maternal grandfather. He and I were awfully close. He gave me a great sense of confidence to move forward with life.”

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So the interviewer asked him to tell him about his grandfather, how he was: “He wasn’t beautiful, but he had a certain vanity. He wore a shirt and tie and often looked in the mirror”. The last time Anthony Hopkins saw him was in 1961: “We had a drink together at the Grand Hotel in Port Talbot. I was going to Rada full of enthusiasm, I had won a scholarship and all. I got up to leave and my grandfather said: ‘Why don’t you come to lunch? ‘ I have good fish in the kitchen.’ I told him I had to go. So I did, and he waved at me from the table. It was a sunny day and that was the last I saw of him.” A few months later his grandfather passed away and still today the actor finds himself reflecting on the choice he made that day, confirming that he still carries it inside.

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