Antarctica climate change: Ice core discovery in Antarctica

Antarctica’s ice is called a ‘time capsule’. Evidence of changes in the environment over time is buried in layers of ice and can be preserved for years. History can be traced through their study. Now a study funded by the National Science Foundation, led by the US’s Oregon State University, will be conducted in which the oldest ice in Antarctica will be discovered. With the help of this, an attempt will be made to understand how the Earth’s climate has changed.

What will work?
For this discovery, the Center for Oldest Ice Exploration (COLDEX) will be built at a cost of $ 25 million. In this center, experts from across the country will discuss about the climate system of the earth and understand the impact of the changing climate. Dr. Ed Brooke, a paleoclimatologist in OSU’s College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, says this is a way to explore science that will help see how the Earth undergoes different changes from the past one million when it warms. For this we have to look at history.

What does snow tell?
The oldest sample has been found in Antarctica from 8 lakh years ago. Dr. Brook hopes that under the new project, by drilling ice, the secrets of up to 1.5 million years ago can be discovered. He says that the climate system was very different during 8 lakh to 15 lakh years ago. Under the mission, an attempt will be made to find ice up to 3 million years ago. Such ice is not in the records, but preliminary research suggests that it may be in the mountains of Antarctica. With its help, the relationship between greenhouse gases and climate will be understood.

hard to find in antarctica

Dr. Brook says that drilling ice cores is extremely difficult and expensive and it takes many years of planning. For this, modeling will be done first and new methods will be invented so that the exact location for this search can be found. In Antarctica, 5 thousand scientists are studying in temperatures up to -90 degrees Celsius.

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