Answer Sheet not issued even after RAS 2018 Final Merit List – Students will be benefited by the release of answer sheet of Toppers.

Answer sheet not released even after RAS 2018 Final Merit List, Answer sheet not uploaded on website even after RPSC released final result of RAS 2018 Said that RAS 2018 recruitment has been in a lot of controversies.

The final result of RAS recruitment 2018 was released by RPSC on July 13. Even after the release of final merit list, the controversy over RAS recruitment 2018 has not ended. There will be no such recruitment in the state on which there is no dispute. Yes, there have been court cases on almost all the recruitments in the state.

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After the release of the final merit list of RAS, it is being demanded by the students for a long time that the answer sheet of all the students should be made public by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission, but by the Rajasthan lok Seva Ayog (Rpsc) Even after the completion of the 2018 Selection Process, the answer sheet is not being released. Because of this there is a lot of resentment among the students. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Even after the completion of the selection process, there is a delay in issuing the answer sheet.

Students say that it was informed by the board that as soon as the Ras 2018 selection process is completed, then the answer sheet will be issued. And till now the answer sheet has not been provided by the board. It is said by the students that due to this delay of the board, the students are suffering a lot. According to the unselected students in RAS 2018, the board is not releasing the answer sheet. Because they have not been able to get information about where they have made mistakes.

There are many students who had also given the RAS 2021 exam. But due to not getting the RAS 2018 answer sheet, they were not able to evaluate themselves. Due to not being evaluated, their RAS 2021 exam has not done well. According to the students, the year 2013 And in the year 2016 also Ras recruitment was organized. After the selection process of recruitment, the answer sheet was also made public. Due to which the unsuccessful students got a chance to prepare well for the upcoming examination.

of toppersLakhs of students will benefit from the release of answer sheets

Students say that if the answer sheet of the selected candidates is released by RPSC, then other candidates preparing for the examination will benefit a lot. Instructions will help in preparation. But the student is very angry due to non-issuance of answer sheets by the government.

Ras 2018 recruitment exam has also been in a lot of controversies

Like the RAS Recruitment Exam 2021, Ras 2018 has also been in a lot of controversies. Apart from the paper leak, the issue related to the selection list also became the main cause of controversy in the Ras Exam 2018. If the answer sheet is issued, then the transparency of the recruitment examination can also be ascertained. Issuance of answer sheet will end all the matters. Now it has to be seen how long the answer sheet will be issued by RPSC.

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