Another tornado in South Moravia: The wind took Robert’s roof

Fortunately, the air vortex was weaker than the one that struck nearby at the end of June last year. At that time, Robert Vrátil (26) from Lanžhot was helping his friends in the devastated Moravská Nová Ves. Now they are repaying his help. “My wife and I repaired the house two years ago, the roof a year ago. And now you can’t live here. Fortunately, we have at least a place to go, “said Aha !.

The structural engineer decides whether the house can be saved.

Yesterday, meteorologists investigated the consequences of the air vortex rampage on the spot. “We can say 99 percent that it was a tornado with an estimated speed of about 150 kilometers per hour,” said Petr Münster from the Brno branch of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. It probably started from the so-called supercellular storm, which arose near Prague and reached as far as South Moravia.

Disruption of the house of Robert Vrátil (26) from Lanžhot after a tornado.

F1 strength

Last year, meteorologists classified the tornado as an F4 vortex on a five-point scale with wind speeds of 267 to 324 kilometers per hour. It destroyed the villages of Hrušky, Mikulčice, Moravská Nová Ves, Týnec, Těšice, Lužice and part of Hodonín. This year will probably earn “only” the value of F1.

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