Another three Iranian protesters sentenced to death


Three people who took part in anti-government protests in Iran have been sentenced to death. The judicial authorities report this on Wednesday. Two people have also been sentenced to death in recent days.

wverSource: BELGA

One of the persons is accused of driving his car into police officers and killing an officer in the process. The second person was convicted of attacking a security guard with a knife, the third was said to have tried to block traffic and “incite terror”. The sentences can still be appealed.

In recent days, two people have also been sentenced to death, while others have been sentenced to long prison terms. According to human rights activists, 15,000 demonstrators have been arrested since the protests began two months ago. More than 1,000 people have already been charged, according to the Iranian court.

The protests erupted after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16, following an arrest by the vice squad for allegedly violating the dress code. Since then, people have taken to the streets across the country to protest against police brutality and for women’s rights. The police are cracking down on the demonstrators, who are also calling for the resignation of the authoritarian regime.

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