“Another tesa aunt?”: Madalena Abecasis sells a “millionaire” house and responds to “mouths”

Madalena Abecasis turned to social media this week to reveal that she is selling her home in Murches, Cascais, valued at €1,190,000.

The property is listed on a real estate website, and the influencer shared the ad through her social networks: “Whenever I put up pictures of my house, many people ask if there are more available here in the area. Because I have my beautiful house for sale!”, could read on Instagram.

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“We’re going to be shaken, so whoever is interested, send a private message”, it can be read. One follower claimed that the influencer was in need of money, and left a mouth: “Another tense aunt”.

Madalena Abecasis did not hesitate to answer: “That’s because you haven’t seen the new house yet”, it can be read.

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