Another main name cancels for festival: Knocked out of corona

Once again, Funen festival participants must admit that one of the main names at Heartland Festival does not come and play anyway.

The fact is that the star Lindsey Buckingham, who previously formed part of the band Fleetwood Mack, has to cancel the summer festival.

“It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Lindsey’s Europe tour, which should otherwise have started next week, will be postponed,” begins a post on the musician’s Facebook page.

“Along with other members of the band and part of the team behind, he got the corona at the end of his tour of North America, so it had to end early.”

The upcoming tour should have been Lindsey Buckingham’s first tour in Europe as a solo artist.

The announcement of the cancellation states that the musician is still not over his genes from being affected by covid-19, and is therefore forced to postpone.

Something Lindsey Buckingham is upset about, it sounds.

However, he is not the only main name who has resigned to play at Heartland. John Fogerty, who was previously part of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, has also resigned to play at the Funen festival.

On the festival’s website you can read that it is also due to Fogerty postponing his European tour.

BT has tried to get a comment from Heartland, but has not succeeded.

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