Another lawsuit against Baldwin: Employee speaks of "Russian roulette"

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Another lawsuit against Baldwin
Employee speaks of “Russian Roulette”

Alec Baldwin could and should have avoided the death of a camerawoman while filming a western, says one of the employees on the set. She accuses the Hollywood star of negligence and is suing him for damages. It is not the first lawsuit against the film’s lead actor and producer.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin and others involved face further legal trouble after the fatal shot in a western shoot. Script overseer Mamie Mitchell, who worked on the western Rust, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

At a press conference with star lawyer Gloria Allred, Mitchell tearfully described the shock on set after the pistol shot that was fired by actor Baldwin and fatally injured a camerawoman. Mitchell had called the emergency services shortly afterwards.

According to the lawsuit, many safety precautions were disregarded on the set. Under no circumstances should live ammunition have been on location. Baldwin failed to check himself whether the weapon presented was harmless. Allred accused the star of negligent behavior. Baldwin was playing “Russian Roulette” when he operated the weapon without checking it beforehand. In addition, the scene when the shot was fired did not require him to pull the trigger, said the lawyer.

Your client was in the line of fire. The traumatic incident caused “physical and emotional damage” to her. Mitchell is now no longer able to practice her long-standing profession. The plaintiff is demanding an undisclosed amount of damages.

Last week, lighting technician Serge Svetnoy filed a lawsuit against leading actor and producer Baldwin and other employees on charges of negligent behavior. While shooting at a film ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 42-year-old head cameraman Halyna Hutchins was fatally injured and director Joel Souza was hit in the shoulder. The 63-year-old Baldwin had fired the gun during rehearsal for a scene. Investigations revealed that there was a real bullet in the Colt. The police are currently investigating how this could happen.

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