Another hard time in StarDance! Quarrels don’t end

Michal Necpál he cannot take part in another dance round for the second time due to illness, so his younger brother Jakub will start again. It does achieve the same qualities as Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková to move closer to victory, however, he doesn’t really want to let the choreography speak, and that gets Michal out of bed!

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“Jakub learned the choreography from the video for the first time, but after previous experience, this time he found it better to build it all by himself, but Michal is against it,” revealed a source from the staff. “It’s quite sparkling between them, they’re so-called knives. Holt nervousness works. Michal is annoyed that he is missing again and he wants to control it at least remotely. But Jakub refuses to be just a figure who will help and do everything he is told. He wants to do it at least a little in his own way, “he added.

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